Can Heirlooms be Transmogged?

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  3. Can Heirlooms be Transmogged?

User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
4 years ago#1
So sorry for asking this. The search functions gives conflicting answers. People in game gave conflicting answers too last time I asked. I don't have any pieces of Heirloom yet to try them out in game.

Some say you can have you will not be able to transfer them to other chars again.

Totally confused.
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User Info: Psoloquoise

4 years ago#2
Yes you can tranmog them, if you send them to a different character they will lose the transmog.

User Info: CrazyGuyWithPho

4 years ago#3
Just to repeat: yes you can transmog, yes you can transfer, yes they will lose the transmog if you transfer.
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
4 years ago#4
i didnt need to see that....
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  3. Can Heirlooms be Transmogged?

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