Amazing how much the hate died down...

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User Info: Mighty_Buffalo

4 years ago#21
BahamutDarkFire posted...
SnappySnake posted...
If only this culture of hating and whining would disappear, it would be a lot better.

It always tickles me deep down when people utter communist notions like this.

Read Pravda, Comrade. All is well, nothing to complain about.

User Info: Rama_III

4 years ago#22
The dailies from Cataclysm scared me off to the point where I unsubscribed. I don't mind the dailies in MoP at all, and I love farming...vegetables. I also love that LFR allows those of us with not quite enough time to raid "professionally" to still experience the content.
The Garden Of Rama
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User Info: xVSaNx

4 years ago#23
well the people that hated it so much have probably left by now plus theres no sense in beating a dead horse

lol @ gw2 hating wow nerds on this board/itt

dailies are HORRIBLE in this expansion, they genuinely feel like a job, pvp is so unbalanced its not taken seriously any more, but at least theres plenty of raids, scenarios, and gearing up feels rewarding to non guild raiders

User Info: electricgod

4 years ago#24
The dailies from Cataclysm scared me off to the point where I unsubscribed.

What, all 3 of them?

User Info: Xiocamie

4 years ago#25
Hate died down because everyone realized just how damn sexy those Pandaren are.
What big woop wanna fight about it?

User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#26
electricgod posted...
The dailies from Cataclysm scared me off to the point where I unsubscribed.

What, all 3 of them?

He probably meant Molten Front.
Which is funny because they were more fun than most of MoP's dailies and alot more... Smooth.

Tol Barad dailies got old really fast but they were also still alright in my opinion.
'I am always surprised at how you, a Czech, have better grammar, spelling, and style than many native born speakers in the U.S.' -Ruvan22

User Info: pengalor

4 years ago#27
Coop14 posted...
And months later for the most part it appears Pandaria is appearing to be a much more beloved expansion so far than its predesessor Cataclysm.

While my assumption is on not exactly reliable facts, seeing WoW creeping back on these forums is very indicative of a small rise in playerbase. Also asking around trade chat personally the general response is everyone loves Pandaria, it's just a bit daily heavy.

Like I said, my assumptions and statement are based off an extremely small sample so is in no way reliable, but I am happy to see how much love it's getting, before it got so much hate when it was announced.


I think, for the most part (myself especially) it's not the expansion itself that is hated, rather some of the choices made in it. Many people hate the dailies, the implementation of the Brawler's Guild, CRZ, and other things. These things in and of themselves do not make the expansion bad in my eyes, it's certainly much better than Cata was in terms of actual game content imo, but people get frustrated by these things that hinder something they really want to enjoy.

User Info: MajinUltima

4 years ago#28
GateCaptain posted...
Panda land still sucks no one is talking about it cause we all hate it and whats the point of saying it 10'000 times aday. Not like blizard cares or even reads gamefaqs to see the posts.

--Pretty pointless to justly rag on how childish the panda crap is 24/7. The entire species is still trash and the asian theme is still overloaded.
Homura-chan is the coolest.

User Info: Black_Mage_Meee

4 years ago#29
I don't really get people who were complaining about pandas. Unless we're talking about people who also think WoW invented the MMO genre.
I think everyone who played Warcraft 3 knew this was coming eventually unlike some other race choices (space goats anyone?)

And they're so damn cute too ;)

User Info: Ramvicious

4 years ago#30
I am enjoying this expansion more than Cata. I don't like the changes to talents though. I liked spending a talent point everytime I leveled. It just gave me something to look forward to.
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