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User Info: Egxamer1

4 years ago#1
Here my fellow board member are your 11 choices... don't see the 11th? Course its Basic Campfire - Results (228 votes)
A: Vrykul H: Half Ogre/Ogre
13.6% (31 votes)
A: High Elves H: Dark Iron Dwarves
9.65% (22 votes)
A/H: Dragonkin/Dragonspawn/Drakonid
7.46% (17 votes)
A: Keepers of the Grove (male), Dryad (female) H: Satyr
9.65% (22 votes)
A/H: Ethereals
31.14% (71 votes)
H: Arakkoa
5.26% (12 votes)
A: Centuar H: Gnoll
2.19% (5 votes)
A: Jinyu H: Hozen
10.96% (25 votes)
A/H: Half-Elves
1.75% (4 votes)
A/H: Nephilim ( *Old god or titan graced/offspring* )
8.33% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Selection Breakdown:

Vrykul and Ogres/Half-Ogres will require alot of door reworking but could make sense due to them needing new alliances and unification within their own perspective races. Would certainly add some girth and size to both factions.

2. High Elves and Dark Irons are still in the process of uniting their races back together, i say screw that and give both sides an additional race to play. More and more elf on elf and dwarf on dwarf crime in warcraft i say.

3. Current enemy models vary but a sleeked down version of this race could be a future reality if Wrathion brings about perhaps a new race of dragons to assist both sides

4. The children of cenarius and the satyr have been fighting each other for centuries and have assisted both sides in the past, embrace this blizz and bring about some new natural caster races

5. The ethereals have been a desired playable race for some time now. Personally i believe with their nomadic merchant ways and exotic flavor they could totally be believably inserted in the next xpac especially if early indications prove true and we indeed return to outland and beyond.

6. The birdmen race of Outland, they have their own architecture, langauge and world already. Its entirely possible they could be included as a possible horde or dual race faction.

7. I know what you are thinking.. Gnolls? why? well if the horde wished to have a playable race to oppose the worgen some dog on dog could make some sense. The issue though lies with how to make this race and the Centaurs (Tauren's mortal enemies) civil enough to settle into alliances with both factions and quell their own barbarism and savagery to be of actual assistance rather than cannon fodder.

8. Have you liked the new races so far? I have and after our campaign through Pandaria is over, perhaps we pick up factions of these two races to bring along for the ride into the next expansion.

9. Kinda feels like a cop out option on the poll but seriously this has been an option for blizzard since the original betas. Left on the back burner all this time, it can still be a possibility if they should choose to give use more beefer looking elves. Bonus would be giving both sides the option of half-night, half-blood, half-high.

10. Nephilim, Tieflings, Aasimars, other worldly/plane touched beings, simply celestial or elemental in nature, decend down to Azeroth to help assist us in the coming darkness set to consume the planet. Sounds good? I just hope Blizz would give us the courtesy of it NOT being a crusty old barbarian and a dainty Harry Potter :P

11. This one is all you. Lets see what you got.
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User Info: Super_Archer

4 years ago#2
Basic Campfire
I want the d

User Info: vahndragonwing

4 years ago#3
Super_Archer posted...
Basic Campfire
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User Info: Sellus Gravius

Sellus Gravius
4 years ago#4
I voted Jinyu/Hozen just because it makes the most sense. But it would actually suck. The Hozen would get really annoying and the Jinyu's appearance resembles night elf a bit too much.

User Info: Marndos

4 years ago#5
Hozen. New class: Ooker
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User Info: Wyrmwarrior5

4 years ago#6
Anyone who doesn't vote for Ethereal is lying to themselves. = best website ever.

User Info: magnusmagnetic

4 years ago#7
11. None of the above.

My playable race has already been discussed and it is...

The Irate Computer Chair.

In the age of laziness they were slaves to ass cheeks and sometimes knees.

Living under constant bombardment from beer farts, spilled beverages and cheeto dust the computer chair finally decided to voice it's distaste for its occupant and therefore gained sentience.

Armed with expletives & a beverage holder to restore hp. The computer chair is a formidable adversary.

User Info: Super_Archer

4 years ago#8
Hozen would be cool but Jinyu are lame
I want the d

User Info: Tloya

4 years ago#9
I voted Arakkoa, but I think it's much, much more likely that if they were added they'd be an Alliance race, or maybe neutral. The arakkoa aren't exactly on the best terms with the orcs. Gul'dan did almost as much damage to them as he did to the draenei. And the playable arakkoa would probably be the "redeemed" ones who renounced Terokk. These redeemed arakkoa are followers of the Holy Light like the draenei, which gives them another reason to go blue.

User Info: Kenorv

4 years ago#10
Grummles. Or maybe Sporelings. Or maybe Oracles for Alliance and Puppydog men for the Horde.
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