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User Info: Adraen

4 years ago#1
is it still absolutely terrible?

User Info: NitroRat

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Adraen

4 years ago#3
NitroRat posted...

how bad? is it going to be fixed soon

User Info: Adraen

4 years ago#4

User Info: p3r0x1d3

4 years ago#5
rogues are currently the worst arena class with the lowest representation out of the top 1000 teams with 5.4%, the 2nd lowest is 10% higher than them, they need a serious fix, its really just rogue survivability and dmg that is hurting them, a warrior can seriously kill an equal geared rogue in 3 hits, and a mage can blow a rogue up from 100-0 in a shatter if the rogue has cloak on cd, also mobility is a huge problem, i would say just make prep baseline ability for rogues and not a talent, for a class so reliant on cooldowns its really needed but we can't get it because we need shadowstep for mobility.

User Info: 0pt1muzPr1m3

4 years ago#6
They were beat to s*** by the nerf bat after being so 'op' in cata. I fear what will happen to the warrior class by the end of this expansion or the beginning of the next.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#7
its so bad that i, the infamous rogue lover, have came back from the depths of hell to tell you that rogues suck now, and with that, i am leaving.

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#8
From: Adraen | #003
how bad?

This bad.
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User Info: JAW2688

4 years ago#9
There are worse out there than rogues.

User Info: dermoratraken

4 years ago#10
Rogues are fine. Some classes are just too strong. The numbers will balance out better after nerfs to them.

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