So how do I start dailies...

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User Info: SackBoi

4 years ago#1
Never did them I am a level 80 DK and have no clue really where to do these or how to (I know kind of what they are... obviously daily quests).
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User Info: Lu_Shen

4 years ago#2
Don't worry about dailies. Get to 90 first.

User Info: Peef_Returns

4 years ago#3
Dailies are repeatable quests that usually grant you rep with a faction, as well as gold at the level cap, or experience below it. Since you don't really need the rep for older factions, the only reason to do them now would be for the XP, and it's not the most efficient way to level. With that said, if you want to try them out (of you don't have Cataclysm and Mists for whatever reason), here are the daily quests for Northrend-

There are also daily cooking and fishing quests in the capital cities of your faction, which grant tradeskills. Have fun!
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  3. So how do I start dailies...

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