Uhm, Evade'n like a boss

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User Info: Crownz04

4 years ago#1


User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#2
That must be a recurring-problem NPC. I made a ticket about it evading on my realm awhile back (Destromath - US).
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User Info: mrhighlife83

4 years ago#3
It has been a recurring issue for all of the hozen rares for quite some time now.

User Info: Marndos

4 years ago#4
Hozen have interdimensional evasion tactics, man.

p.s. what UI is that
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User Info: Crownz04

4 years ago#5
Marndos posted...
what UI is that

Bartender, kgpanels, sexymap, and shadowed unit frames mostly.

Just checked back on my dance buddy, still there and evading everything I throw. Sent a bug report at least.

User Info: RespectTheIMD

4 years ago#6
You've got mail.
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