Warrior or Paladin???

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User Info: Fleshy26

4 years ago#1
Hey everyone, pretty new at the game here....broke it down to two classes I would like to be. Warrior and Paladin.

Can anyone help me out? I'm looking to doing a lot of damage or tanking later on and just having a hard time choosing. Warrior seems to be more fun but since they can't heal themselves, I lean towards Paladin more.

I got up to level 30 something with another character and I found myself getting ganked and no way to heal myself. Is Paladin the better choice of the two?

Thanks for the help guys!

User Info: PrinceMikeVG

4 years ago#2
Healing doesn't help when a 90 one shots you with one ability. Later one its a good edge if used correctly

User Info: Fleshy26

4 years ago#3
From my understand...you're picking warrior then?

User Info: Fleshy26

4 years ago#4

User Info: PrinceMikeVG

4 years ago#5
Depends the healing is situational I'm a pally and I love however warrior may be your cup of tea.

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#6
Both are reasonable choices.
Boiled down, Paladins have a lot more "impressive" abilities, like becoming literally invincible for a few seconds or fully healing themselves in one move. A lot of boss mechanics have been totally broken and abused by Paladin moves. They can also self-heal, so obviously take mildly more damage to compensate, and can heal teammates and protect them with their insane cooldowns as well.

Warriors on the other hand are pure adrenaline. They can really move around quickly and just instantly be anywhere on the field. They're basically the "default" tank in WoW. No gimmicks, just pure manliness. Pretty much the best damage blocking/mitigation in the game as well, but to compensate they're totally reliant on healers since they have almost no heals of their own.
Warrior tanks also have a lot of ways to help the team. Various banners and abilities to increase team members' attack, defense, health pools, and you can intervene and have an enemy's attack hit you instead of them.

There's more of a group focus for Warrior support. While Paladins can make 1 teammate be totally immune to physical damage (and render them unable to act), Warriors can make everyone take 10% less damage, for example.

For damage dealing, most of these abilites/cooldowns/styles stay the same. Paladins still have their cooldowns/heals, and Warriors their mobility/support. Being a bit magical, Paladins have more ranged moves. They're melee at the core, but while a warrior will charge in at rapid speed to a fight, a paladin will get the opening blow from far away and run in firing off holy magic until they can do some real damage up close.

I personally prefer Warrior between the two. That speed just feels so cool when you use it right.

Though to be honest, if you're getting ganked you're pretty much boned anyways, like Prince said. You won't be able to touch level 90s until at least level 85, and even then you have to dedicate your character to beating level 90s as a level 85 or you'll still be trounced. Just take it and bottle it up, so that when you're level 90 you can go do the same to level 30s. Thus the cycle of gank servers continues.
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User Info: Coop14

4 years ago#7

There DPS spec is amazingly fun now. Also have some of the best tier sets IMO so turning yours into a bonified badass down the road through transmog will be easy.

Warrior is cool, but a Paladin can Heal. It's also a very easy access class to learn
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User Info: LanceFlugerman

4 years ago#8
Oh ya, warriors did get totems didn't they.
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