At what point is it not worth using pvp gear?

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  3. At what point is it not worth using pvp gear?

User Info: Apocali_Dragoon

4 years ago#11
Tell that to the amazing holy pally pvp 2 piece. Unless you have 4 piece tier 2 malevolent pieces is the best you'll get

User Info: cxie

4 years ago#12
At that gear level, it's really not worth it to min-max the gear. I would say just use your pvp gear so when you get a new pvp helm, it's easier to make the selection.

User Info: ChocoboMog123

4 years ago#13
drlucky420 posted...
If you're in a heroic, it's fine to use pvp gear. In LFR, who cares. Bring it to a raid, though, a you deserve the kick.

F***ing justify yourself or stfu. Malevolent gear is much better than 463 5-man gear and only slightly worse than LFR gear (I believe some PvP bonuses are actually incredible in PvE, but don't know any off the top of my head). Since LFR is so finicky with gear, PvP is the best source of reliable gear upgrades before you start farming the first two raids.

TC, 400 PvP Power is probably better than 240 Strength. I know the gems are definitely better in terms of damage. Regardless, the resil is necessary, anyway, so use the PvP gear.
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User Info: A Purple Cow

A Purple Cow
4 years ago#14
IIRC, PvP stats don't effect the allotment of PvE stats on a PvP item of a certain ilvl is just as good as a PvE item of that ilvl (assuming similar stat distribution).

But for PvP, you need PvP power and resilience, so you should almost always go with PvP gear.

User Info: ALinktotheFuture

4 years ago#15
Remember that phrase they use to say "We're not in Wrath anymore"?

The same should apply to many of the responses here in a new form "We're not in Cata anymore"

Stat allocation on PvP gear is not affected by the presence of resil/power on the gear. PvP gear is phenomenal gear and some of my characters go into raids/LFR/dungeons etc with Mali gear over even pve gear of the same ilvl EVEN when I might have said pve gear.

Now, onto the TC's question, it really depends on what you're doing. For PvE, naturally you'll go with the item with the higher ilvl, but are also dependant on what secondary stats your class/spec lean towards. In this case if the engi goggles gives you more str and stam, go with that.

For PvP, this becomes a tad more complicated, but for the most part resil and power tend to rank just as high as primary stats. In your particular case, I'd definitely go with the 400 power/400 resil over the 240 str/240 stam.

In short, you'll want to use PvP gear no matter what when you PvP. The same can't be said about PvE gear for PvE. You'll just have to weigh your stats.
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User Info: metroidfreakv4

4 years ago#16
Well, if I use my full heroic set, I have11,500 intellect, 54% mastery, and.. I forget how much haste. 7200 spirit (I'm restoration.) in my pvp set, I'm losing about 1500 off major stats right off the bat, and a LOT of secondary stats. The only ones that are relatively comparable are mav. I did a stat check on the items before I bought them, almost all of them were not a flat out upgrade. I'd be losing out on something that I need. So for pve, unless it's a pvp weapon, I wouldn't switch out anything.. Maybe rings too.

Pvp, I really don't see how it could be worth it anymore unless
It's raid heroic gear or a sha touched wep. But I always feel trinkets are okay. If you have a raid trinket it's worth it for sure. Light of cosmos for example is way to sexy for my ele to pass up when I'm pew pewing.

In other words. There really isn't a set Ilvl. It's more about the stats and the dps or healing gains you get from it
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User Info: SilentZed

4 years ago#17
PvP Gear can be just as good as PvE gear. These pieces are the exception and not the rule, and most certainly doesn't apply to most (if not all) weapons, since the weapons only get a single secondary non-pvp stat.

Their primary stats (STR/AGI/INT) are the same however.

The only thing you need to consider is the color of the socket it has, and what the socket bonus is.

Example: 483 STR Plate PvP belt with crit/mastery vs. 489 Klaaxi STR Plate belt for Warriors.

Despite the fact the Klaaxi belt is 489, the 483 beats it marginally because of the fact that the socket bonus is STR, and it has crit on it as well. The Klaaxi belt is mastery haste with a haste socket bonus, making it pretty awful. Pair this with the fact you can upgrade the pvp piece without using VP is extremely attractive until you can get a different DPS belt.

TL;DR - Always look at the pvp gear and see if it is better than your current gear and what you have available based on your spec.

There is a reason why all of the highest progressed guilds had members using 483 PvP gear during their early raid progression to fill in the gaps of their gear.

EDIT: I was looking at a different belt, so it kind of hurts my argument about what is best, for some reason I only saw the Haste/Mastery STR belt from Klaaxi when MoP first started, so I don't know whether or not they added the Crit/Mastery belt after the fact, or whether or not I just didn't see it.

The point does still stand that PvP gear is a wonderful alternative to fill in gaps since they give us secondary PvE stats in addition to pvp power and resilience.

Second Edit: What class/spec are you? I realized my post had nothing to do with your initial question. My gut says to go with the pvp power and resilience piece without knowing your class.
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