So... List of things to do at level 90 puh-lease!!

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User Info: Marndos

4 years ago#11
Lightning Bolt posted...
From: Loyal Royal | #003
Ah sorry. I guess the DISCUSSION board for WoW on GameF(Frequently)A(Asked)Qs(Questions) was the wrong place to ASK and possibly DISCUSS this. My bad.

FAQs are thataway ->

dude that Molten Core guide was updated for 1.10.2? When did this happen?
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User Info: Zro123

4 years ago#12
Make sure you do Sha of Anger each week as well. First time you do it you get epic boots, and you also have a chance at winning a tier piece.
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User Info: smallpoxx

4 years ago#13
Get ur grind on some gear
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User Info: devilkazuya187

4 years ago#14
The same things you did when you capped on the last 3 expansions

User Info: Sac!

4 years ago#15
There's a number of things to do:

1- Work on factions via daily quests. See Ness0123456789's posts for a good overview of what the actions are. I'd suggest you focus on one faction at a time as your "main" faction (IE: The factions whose dailies you aim to get done every play session) and only do the other if you want to. There's no real need to rush them and you'll only get yourself burnt out.

2- Scenarios. As long as you've been collecting quest rewards you should be able to do these as soon as you hit level 90. They're basically extended group quests, intended to be done in 15/20 minutes with 3 players of whatever spec. They'll give you Valor Points (Used to buy epic quality gear) and a bag that has a random chance to grant gear.
If you're a fresh 90, I highly recommend you choose to queue for the Arena scenario, as it has a quest that will get you a good quality item level 450 weapon (Which should be a massive upgrade over any quest gear you're likely using)

3- Heroic Dungeons- It shouldn't take you long to get enough gear to be able to queue for these and they're not intended to be really difficult. I'd suggest doing them on random for the Valor Points, but you can use the dungeon journal to see what gear each boss drops and you can choose to queue for a certain heroics if you want to "farm" a certain peice of gear.

4- Your Farm: As part of the Tillers faction, you will gain access to a farm in the Hall Hill market place. I've been told its like farmville (Never played that myself). As you gain Tillers rep, you will unlock extra plots and special seeds, so you can grow vegetables for the cooking professions and other useful items.

5- Looking for Raid: Once you get decently geared (460 item level for Modushan Vaults, 470 for the other two), this your next source of gear (or "progression" for your character). It gives you a good chance to see the various encounters in weakened form, but it plays nothing normal or heroic raiding.

6- Battlegrounds: Essentially a Player vs Player game, i'm assuming you know what these are.

7- Brawlers Guild: Unlikely to get access to this as a fresh 90, unless you happen to be rich or a friend invites you. its basically a mini game where you duel monsters that get progressively harder.

8- Challenge Modes: The same dungeons you've been doing in heroics, but tuned to be much harder. To maintain the challenge, your gear is scaled down to a certain level (so you can't just brute force everything). The main idea is to try and finish the run as quick as possible, scoring you either a bronze, silver or gold medal. If you get gold medals, you get access to a special set of statless armor you can use for gear altering purposes.

9- Pet Battles: A mini game similar to pokemon, where your companion pets fight wild critters to level up. Each game zone has a different level, and its quite involved. You can also, from the pet tab , queue up to fight against the pet teams of other players (the game tries to ensure teams are of a similar level)

10- The rest: Achievements, finishing quests, professions (both gathering and crafting), Arena, Rated Battlegrounds, Normal and Heroic Raids(While you could randomly a join a guild for the last 3 via the trade channel, you'll probably want to find a guild to do them with.)

Ultimately I'm assuming OP is new the game, this isn't really in depth but it should at least give you a good idea of what you can do.
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