Have you ever seen a girl ruin a guild with drama

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User Info: Kanus_oq_Seruna

4 years ago#21
So, my GM(who'm I'm currently regenting the guild for as GM) is a chick, who makes and runs many guilds. Anyways, over of CC-US, she's running one of the larger populated horde side guilds. Lots of activity, lots of community, etc. I only know a tiny bit cause I had an alt over there, having made one to help sign a guild charter at her request, then putting said alt in the guild cause they needed orc lock 85. Well anywho, along comes blizz with the announcement that soon, entire guilds can be faction changed. Moment that was anounced, she started talking about it, everywhere. Now, the vent we had at the time was shared between the horde and alliance side guilds, and man did she talk about wanting to faction change the guild so she could move all her hordies to ally to make better use of them there.(She's a raging altoholic who's a scrub at all classes).

Well, like days after the guild faction change went live, She transfers the guild. Oh hell did that stir up a mess. Granted, folks shoulda seen it coming, but for a 700 strong lvl 25 guild to suddenly be lvl 1 w/o jack for achieves and rewards, yeah...

And the fire followed her, a long ways even, and I often had to mop up the mess, but eh, her loyalists are alright.
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User Info: GuidaDude33

4 years ago#22
I ended up recruiting a couple that had broken up before the got into my guild. i told them that if they couldnt behave that they'd both get the boot.
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User Info: IdTheDemon

4 years ago#23
Few times sadly.

My first big raiding guild in vanilla was led by a guy who had this huge crush on this woman. She was fine as hell, was polite, was married and never whored herself or flirted with anyone for items or gold. A month or so later the GM confesses his love for her and she flips out on him in guild chat. He screws her out of some loot, she leaves followed by some friends. I leave shortly after because the environment went to **** since all the cool people left.
I kept in contact with the girl since she was cool but sadly she transferred when they became available and name changed since she didn't want anyone to stalk her. All she wanted to do was play the damn game and have fun and the GM went and killed the guild over a married woman he had no chance with.

User Info: lostsymphony

4 years ago#24
A girl is my GM and I'd say she is the main thing holding the guild together as strong as it is. Doesn't raid lead but she takes care of every thing else.

User Info: Lucavi000

4 years ago#25
You don't even want to know about the woman harem I had going for me back in TBC days. It was bad.
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User Info: DivineWraith

4 years ago#26
There was a well known attention... lover.. that was consistently called a Destroyer of Guilds on Mal'Ganis for a while during WotLK. Her syphilitic nether regions from her real life job infected and killed anything that came near.

Don't know about now, don't care either.
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User Info: knucklez

4 years ago#28
Who was it? I played on Mal'ganis. Former GM of the guild Dinosaur
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User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#29
From: Little Zardar | #007

This only occurs to single females (most girls playing WoW) and single males (most guys playing WoW). When a girl says "hi" on vent, all guys "flashlights" light up. Basically from there it goes into animal mode, where a bunch of males are fighting for a female, becoming the alpha and claiming their prize and securing their right to mate.


I saw this last night.
My offtank asked if a healer we brought in from another group was actually a girl. When he found out she was he nearly freaked out and demanded we get her to join our guild and main raid team. >_>
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User Info: AllGodsDie

4 years ago#30
I friend zone girls on WoW all the time. I hate video game wenches. Too many abuse their gender over nerdlings.
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