What class/race combo do you wish was available?

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User Info: Lorthremar

4 years ago#11
Krozard posted...
Troll Paladin.
1. No one f***ing asked.
2. Wrong board, Holmes.

User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#12
Forsaken and pandaren paladin.
Possibly Draenei druid cuz why not.
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User Info: flashleet

4 years ago#13
I wanted to be Worgen Shaman when I heard Worgen was coming out.
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User Info: Jiruru

4 years ago#14
Blood Elf Shaman. I'm not really sure why that's not an option really, given some of the justifications for other races being Shamans.

Oh! And Pandeath Knight.
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User Info: IdTheDemon

4 years ago#15
Draenei Locks

I'd roll Alliance in a second for DemDraenei Locks.

User Info: Groudon_is_Gold

4 years ago#16
I was honestly surprised when I read worgen weren't to have playable paladins. They had been a part of the Alliance when the Silver Hand was around. I mean, Worgen paladin lore wise makes much more sense then Goblin shaman.

Heck, Worgen paladin makes more sense then Worgen Druid.
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User Info: Aceron

4 years ago#17
Orc Paladin.
'cause reasons.
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User Info: Sellus Gravius

Sellus Gravius
4 years ago#18
Orc Paladin.... Or basically any horde race that isn't tauren or blood elf.

User Info: Lucavi000

4 years ago#19
Human Death Knight.
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User Info: Cornwallace

4 years ago#20
Always wanted a Gnome Priest or Hunter. I'm not sure if they can be priests yet, but I know they can't be Hunters. I settled with Goblin once they came out.
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