taking suggestions on a character class and profesion

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User Info: yamidany

4 years ago#1
Wanted to make a new one that can tank, and be a good choice for pvp I already have a warrior and a druid so wasnt that interested on those clases

so betwen DK and Pally wich one is better for tanking/pvp now on 5.1?
(if you think warrior or druid would be better feel free to state why please)

oh and also wich profession combo would be nice on that char? (was thinking jc+enchant, suggest any combo that you think would benefit more and why)

thanks to anyone answering =)

User Info: jlc992

4 years ago#2
Don't know much about PvP but I've heard Paladins are the easiest to tank (they mostly just have to put down their AoE and faceroll). I just made a tank warrior and having fun (only level 40 so take that what you will). They really don't have many AoE (thunder clap and cleave are your two main AoE). I personally love druids but have no played them as a tank. This may be bias but I can't stand DK tanks. It mostly steam from WotLK when I was a healer. They were everywhere and after the first nerf NO ONE could play them right and wiped all the time. And I left any group as soon as I saw a DK as the tank. Mining give stamina which is nice (plus a little bit of money on the side) but if you looking for just Crafting professions then JC is really nice right now (they have BoP gems that are really good) and I guess enchanting would be a good second choice. Sorry if I didn't answer your question. I just felt it's best to give some information and have to pick the best one to roll.
4 and 1 odd!
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  3. taking suggestions on a character class and profesion

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