If you are exalted with all MoP factions, ...

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User Info: fan360

5 years ago#1
Good Job.

Good Work.

User Info: XtraT

5 years ago#2
I think he's trying to tell us something
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User Info: jlc992

5 years ago#3
XtraT posted...
I think he's trying to tell us something

Naw. Look it says good job and good work. How can you take that any other way?
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User Info: Antbregante

5 years ago#4
Still need to finish up that Black Prince rep.
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User Info: redundancies

5 years ago#5
Why thank you, kind sir, for recognizing the effort I have put forth in order to complete those reputations.

User Info: SuperFlip

5 years ago#6
OK, I noticed that you said "good" twice in a different style than the other words, but I dont get it?
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User Info: Chozo_Protector

5 years ago#7
Obviously supposed to rearrange the letters that are in bold.... Bow Kroj? Rojk Wob? How cryptic....
"Sit your ass down and drink your GODDAMN TEA!!"
--Cid Highwind

User Info: sonicpNiNe9

5 years ago#8
I think the troll is trying to metaphorically make fun of the people who treat this game as full time employment (ie army folk)
growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

User Info: Wyrmwarrior5

5 years ago#9
"Good Job" anagrams to "DO JOB GO"

"Good Work" anagrams to "OK GROW DO"

TC is trying to subliminally mind-control us into working for him in an attempt at world domination, beginning with gamefaqs but soon growing to infect other websites too.

Open your eyes, people.
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User Info: Kcaz64

5 years ago#10
ITT : OP is mad he isn't exalted with all MoP factions.
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