So I finally finished the Dominance storyline. (Another of these topics YEAH)

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User Info: Ness0123456789

5 years ago#21
From: AtomicPenguin76 | #015
wouldn't have turned and left. If anything, I would have done more than what was done.

Dalaran is a neutral city that makes things like the Theramore event possible. It was what made the retrieval of the bell from Darnassus possible.

If the Sunreavers were willing to go to those extents twice to aid the Horde, under Garrosh's leadership where does it stop? Do you let them stay until they decide to use Dalaran against Stormwind, or Ironforge?

This would be true if it was the entire faction of Sunreavers that had turned against the Alliance. But here's the thing: it wasn't.

It was a small group of Sunreavers that were loyal to Garrosh that infilrtated Dalaran, opened the portal to Darnassus, and stole the Divine Bell. The vast majority of the Sunreavers, including a number of the NPC's that you have to kill in the quest, were completly innocent and had nothing to do with what was going on.

However, as I said before, the quest line was designed to show that Jaina and Vareesa have essentially lost their minds when it comes to any kind of horde actions against the Alliance. Jaina can no longer tell the difference between an innocent member of the Horde or one that's loyal to Garrosh. As it was stated in Tides of War, she sees ALL Horde now as the enemy. If one Horde member does something wrong, in her now twisted mind she sees that as the entire horde doing it, which is why the entire tragedy in Dalaran took place.

If Jaina was still of sound mind, she would have been able to realize that only a few members of the Sunreavers were loyal to Garrosh, and would have dealt with them accordingly. She however is still so broken minded from what happened in Theramore that she can't see shades of gray anymore. She's as bad as Garrosh now when it comes to Alliance Good, Horde Bad (or in Garrosh's case, Horde good, Varian and the Alliance bad).

Hell, before Jaina went berserk Varian had almost rekindled friendships with the Blood Elves and brought them back into the Alliance.
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User Info: Wyrmwarrior5

5 years ago#22
Forte612 posted...
I like that while the Horde is still certainly waaay more in the wrong in the grand balance of all the recent events, they're showing that war is dirty and no one stays clean. There's no "pristine, virtuous" way for the Alliance to win.

I'd definitely say Garrosh and his Horde are much in the wrong, but for the most part the individual groups within the Horde (Well, at least the Tauren, Blood Elves, and Trolls so far) themselves aren't, as they're really against the way Garrosh's Horde is going, and they don't really fully see the point in the ungoing war.

Also, on a semi-related note, I'm totally calling that there's going to be a Vol'jin/Lor'themar bromance in either 5.2 (I haven't checked out the PTR yet so I dunno) or later, since Vol'jin mails you after the Purge and says he'll have to "have a talk with Lor'themar when he's well enough to travel again" or something like that. = best website ever.

User Info: Amakusa

5 years ago#23
AtomicPenguin76 posted...
There's a war going on, and she did the only thing that could have been done to prevent the Sunreavers from doing more damage.

Only fools support this view. The same fools that stuck Japanese Americans in concentration camps in WWII and wanted to do the same toward Muslims after 9/11.
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User Info: LatiasSA

5 years ago#24
As a fresh 90, where can I find all these quests? I'm very interested, I never came across any of these.
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User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
5 years ago#25
LatiasSA posted...
As a fresh 90, where can I find all these quests? I'm very interested, I never came across any of these.

I wasn't aware you could even avoid them.
Some Meet the Scout quest just pops up on anything I get to level 90.
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