The Brazilian issue is getting rather out of hand. Let's be honest here.

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  3. The Brazilian issue is getting rather out of hand. Let's be honest here.

User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#111
From: Nakratos | #110
dead_kaiser posted...

Nah, it doesn't really help me. I always buy my games when I travel to North America or just order it online through Play-Asia.

Brazilian nordestinos and "manos" have horrible accent. I just hate when I'm playing a game and someone is all like "Mano, mata o cara, rédishóti no boneco dele... pô, tô com pouco sangue, preciso regenerar o sangue, véi"

Merda de brasileiros >_>'

Very true.
The saddest part is that Portuguese is such a beautiful language when spoken correctly...
But Video Games are widely seen as "kid's stuff" here in Brazil. Your average Brazilian MMORPG player is 13~14 years old. They can't even speak proper Portuguese, let alone learn another language. (talk about an alliteration...)

Of course I feel bad for bashing my fellow countrymen, but we have an undeniable cultural problem. Thing is, instead of hiding our flaws from the world like everyone else, we make our contempt known and this gives us a bad image.

actually i have played with some good brazilians. i only know they're brazilian based on their server. i know they're good because they don't screw up anything(or are actually quite skilled) and they don't say anything. if everyone is doing their job right, nothing needs to be said at all by anyone.

and you make a very good point about the ages.

User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#112
i've noticed a lot they constantly say "nexx boss". even after the instance is done. it's like...ummm.

User Info: pikpikcarrotmon

4 years ago#113
If I've said it once, I've said it a brazilian times. South America should be its own region. They have their own cultures and languages, and it's a mistake to throw them in the same pot with North America.
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User Info: MetlGearPIkachu

4 years ago#114
This makes me miss FFXI back in the day. That was the game that taught me how respectful and skilled japanese players are.

User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#115
From: MetlGearPIkachu | #114
This makes me miss FFXI back in the day. That was the game that taught me how respectful and skilled japanese players are.

Fun fact: i met a japanese girl in FFXI who was my linkshell's translator of sorts so we could group with japanese players. she left FFXI for WoW and asked me to come with her. i did, she doesn't play anymore but i do, still in the same guild she formed too. this was at launch of vanilla wow.

User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#116
Ayresbrun posted...
pres_madagascar posted...
You know. I think the reason the language thing is so problematic is that a large nunber of americans can at least understand a small amount of spanish from it being so prevelant up here. But portugese gets like no exposure outside of portugal, the azores, Brazil, etc.. and brazilian portugese is different from standard portugese.

U're right, but imagine this...

What if, the world most speaken language was portuguese? U would be very angry with them too, because they don't understand our language.

They are just segregating people! The game is supposed to be played in the entire world, there will be sucky people, ignorant people, badass people, god among us people, etc

There's still not enough reason for the complaining. It will always have this kinda of people!

Our culture is to troll people? I totally think so, that's why i always hunt brazilians. But we have to change it gradually. I just don't think it's right to segregate... Specially in a MMO

Umm it isn't wrong to segregate in this case. If players can not understand each other, how the hell are they supposed to play together? It isn't as if you are sticking with these people forever, so you really can't learn each other's mannerisms, hell if that is even possible online without being able to see each other... Putting people into groups where they can understand each other makes sense in a game that requires some sort of communication.
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User Info: Skeletal_King

4 years ago#117
AssultTank posted...
Some people seem to be putting a space after typing "why are brazil" and others aren't. That affects the auto complete. vahn was doing it without the space.

Without the space I got;
Why are Brazilian women so pretty
Why are Brazilians so bad at video games
Why are Brazilians white

With it I got a bunch of crap about Brazil nuts.

I got:
Why are Brazilians so beautiful
Why are Brazilians so bad at video games
Why are Brazilians so good at Soccer <- Anything I'm currently playing

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#118
One day dude, I'm just gonna get off the bus, and I'm gonna run in the woods and never come back, and when I come back I'm gonna be the knife master!
-The Rev

User Info: Neo_Heartless

4 years ago#119
Lightning Bolt posted...

[Wubeth Intensifies]

User Info: Twain_Driver

4 years ago#120
I'd take a Brazilian player over the know it all people that stress and treat the game like it's their job. I've been hugely turned off by WoW in the past because of the sour community. It wasn't until I started to utilize the ignore feature that I started to really enjoy my limited play time.

I suspect the encounters experienced by other people regarding Brazilians has something to do with their culture. But from what I'm reading, it's not like a lot of you are helping the situation either. You can spend your time trash talking, berating them and it's likely that they'll recognize that, and perpetuate negative perception (even if it wasn't initially intentional). I feel exerting a little patience, tolerance can go a long way. Alt tab to google/translate and try to find a way to at least do simple communication. Leadership is very attractive and it's quite possible that it can influence people to try. Pity the game doesn't have an in-game translator.

I love the idea that I can play a game that attracts people globally. A fully realized global community has a lot to offer.
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  3. The Brazilian issue is getting rather out of hand. Let's be honest here.

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