five weeks of doing multiple raids in LFR, and sha. every week. ZERO loot.

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  3. five weeks of doing multiple raids in LFR, and sha. every week. ZERO loot.

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#11
From: steveoSEK | #004
honestly, it's almost to the point where doing pvp for pvp gear would get you to the next tier of raiding faster and easier than doing LFR. not the right gear for raiding obviously but still.

Aye, sometimes I wish I was a PVPer for all those welfare epics they get.
No worrying about having to win or lose, or about RNG, or having to keep a team together. Just spend a couple hours a week capping Conquest and you get free gear.
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User Info: Kcaz64

4 years ago#12
I love all the people posting here talking about the loot they've gotten.

The OP is venting about the loot he didn't get. He didn't ask anyone else about how lucky they've gotten with loot.

It's pretty rude / socially ignorant to respond to someone's frustration with something by saying "Well, it doesn't bother me."'jaeden/Bearsmith/advanced - Best Paladin in the world.

User Info: LanceFlugerman

4 years ago#13
Ya I dig that. That's why I just left a possible bandaid strategy folks can use to help try to curb that bad luck streak.
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User Info: pres_madagascar

4 years ago#14
This expansion has honestly made me dust off my warrior I made in vanilla but hadn't played since, almost entirely to pvp so the burn of getting nothing on my main and most used alts wouldnt feel as bad what with me getting welfare epics out the ass on my warrior. .
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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#15
angrywalrus13 posted...
Even without this topic I could've told you you needed a break from this game.

This x 10.
You seriously need to stop playing for a while TC. The pattern you change characters and polls you make for others to force you to play something is absolutely not healthy.

Also @Kcaz: You are expecting LFR heroes to not boast in front of each others?
'I am always surprised at how you, a Czech, have better grammar, spelling, and style than many native born speakers in the U.S.' -Ruvan22

User Info: Folstar

4 years ago#16
Topics like these don't even make sense

So five weeks of nothing but LFR and loot pinata world boss, obviously you aren't doing any kind of actual raiding with your guild so why do you even care bro

I guarantee you're geared enough to do normals so why do you need gear at all if you aren't really raiding? Why is it such a BIG DEAL? What do you need the loot for?

User Info: fan360

4 years ago#17
Why do you need gear?

You can wear nothing and still finish LFR.

User Info: scarecrows

4 years ago#18
You don't need loot. You're not pushing any kind of progression. It's not like oh I hope this week we down blade lord in LFR. You're an LFR hero, you are raiding to see content. They shouldn't even give you loot, you have no use for it.
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User Info: AnaTheCat

4 years ago#19
The trick is to not go in for the loot but just for the valor. You'll get loot along the way.

User Info: Sativa_Rose

4 years ago#20
I bet this kid hasn't even done full clears of LFR every week
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  3. five weeks of doing multiple raids in LFR, and sha. every week. ZERO loot.

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