Why is so hard to find RBG groups?

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User Info: wieheistdu

5 years ago#1
The server I am is practically dead and dominated by alliance. I do BGs sometimes but would like to try RBGs for a change since I came back to Wow a few months ago. I am not looking for a pro high skilled team or anything just a group that likes to do it for fun and nothing stressful. I just had a few questions:

1. Can a team be formed from various servers?

2. Will there ever be a "looking-for-RBG" feature like LFR or DF?

3. Is there a rating req on conquest gear for pvp?

4. Anyone out there with a team that would like a feral druid?

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User Info: The_Arcane_One

5 years ago#2
Get oQueue
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User Info: vidgamr

5 years ago#3
I can answer a few questions.

1. RBGs can be done cross realm.

2. No. random battlegrounds are already the equivalent of LFR/LFD for BGs. RBGs are meant to be pre-formed, organized groups.

3. Only the elite pvp gear (which isn't actually a stat upgrade, just color change) and the 2nd tier weapon require a certain rating, 2200. The 1st tier weapon does require you to have earned a certain amount of conquest points for the season before you can purchase it.

Note: Starting with the next pvp season in patch 5.2, there is no rating requirement for the top pvp gear. Just a total earned conquest goal you must meet for that season.
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User Info: wieheistdu

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the answers, what is the best way to get into a RBG team? Adv in Wow forums? I tried in trade but I think RBG interest is non-existent on my server.
Xbox Live GT: Nebbycat2004

User Info: nimatoda666

5 years ago#5
To be honest change servers if it is non existent or spam chat for a guild to do it with. Probably would be much better on a high pop
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