Do you enjoy all 3 specs of your main?

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User Info: whirlwind24

4 years ago#1
I'm debating making monk my main since they are new, and I'm getting irritated at the gameplay of my current main.

I enjoy playing all 3 specs of my current class, but if I were to make a monk I would most likely never heal. Not sure if it's worth playing a class when I won't ever play all 3 specs. Just feels like I may be missing out a bit on the experience.

What do you guys think about this?

User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
4 years ago#2
I have absolutely no interest in ever playing Enhancement on my shaman and like it that way.
Similarly I don't want to play Feral (either kind) on my druid.
I do wish I could have all 3 specs on my monk, but its not the end of the world.
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User Info: CM101Play

4 years ago#3
I love Frost/Blood but Unholy is just the ugly stepchild.
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User Info: x_stevey_x

4 years ago#4
i like all 3 specs of rogue.. i just wish i wasn't forced into sub for pvp.

User Info: Fenriradramelk

4 years ago#5
as a druid:
I was resto in vanilla (because that was the only truly viable spec back then).
I swapped to feral/tank in BC and never looked back.
In Wrath when Cat/feral was made more viable, that became my main spec, and has stayed since.

I have never specced Boomkin; I've tried other caster classes and in general disliked the spell casting play style... and it's been long enough since I was resto that anything I used to know about healing doesn't really apply anymore -- not that I'd go resto unless my guild needed it (and we don't really).
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User Info: Taaron

4 years ago#6
Play a Paladin and no. Never liked tanking and its a pain in the ass collecting and holding three sets of gear in my inventory.
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User Info: AssultTank

4 years ago#7
Well, since I dual main shaman and mage...

I hate Frost. I dislike Arcane, but I play it because I don't have crit gear, and I love Fire.

I love Resto, hate Elemental, never tried Enhancement. Petition to declare Westboro Baptist Church a hate group.
John 6:53 Jesus promoting cannibalism.

User Info: angrywalrus13

4 years ago#8
Marksman: no. No way, no.

Beast Mastery: yeah. Kind of too many buttons/it feels a bit clunky but I like it.

Survival: favorite spec in the game! Very smooth.
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User Info: AIDSbeam

4 years ago#9
Shadow: Yes
Disc: Yes
Holy: Yes, it is actually my favorite spec in the game, but it is just unusable :(
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
4 years ago#10
I'm enhance and enhance only. I suppose I wouldn't be opposed to trying elemental but... eh. If I want to do magic I'd just play around on my low level mage. And I don't heal, so no resto.
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