PvP QQer about the new system actually called GC at home rofl

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User Info: Glockass1

4 years ago#1

he so mad
Steam ID: Glockass1

User Info: Right_Chus_1

4 years ago#2
Better than most attempts but i have to say, i dont see where it changes anything. The best pvp'ers will rise to the top, regardless of gear, always.

User Info: MasterMichael

4 years ago#3
lol I told him world PvP sucked at the 2011 Blizzcon benefit dinner and he didn't really like that at all. But I have to say now that MoP is out, world PvP is the best its been since vanilla.

User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#4
'I am always surprised at how you, a Czech, have better grammar, spelling, and style than many native born speakers in the U.S.' -Ruvan22

User Info: Right_Chus_1

4 years ago#5
I never understood the whole "world pvp sucks" argument..Sure, there wasnt very many things that started world pvp on purpose in a while but, if you wanted world pvp, it was sooooo easy to start.

I've always played on a backwoods pve server called turalyon and me and a bunch of buddies would attack different horde encampments often. The horde would see in worlddefense "XXX is under attack!" and they would always come running. The fights were amazing most times. We would have 10 or so people and we would dominate them as they trickle in but eventually they would get enough people to overun us. This could take hours and many many many deaths but it was a blast.

I feel bad for Blizzard in a way..They give us this massive open world that people can grab a group and start trouble anywhere they please and hardly anyone takes advantage of it yet STILL complains that its not there.

User Info: RomeoMinola

4 years ago#6
Oh Bailamos. You already lost both your girl and your balls this month. Now once 5.2 hits everyone is going to see you have as little talent as you have a life.

User Info: xDallas

4 years ago#7
That isn't GC, silly dragonslayers.
Heavy was the head that wore the crown...- Lord Ith

User Info: Leninov

4 years ago#8
if anyone is on the fence about whether this video is worth spending 8 and a half minutes on, DON'T
doctor doctor tell me the time of day

User Info: Sulticune

4 years ago#9
Super hard fail. That's not even close to GC's voice.
Chaos in Order brings Order to Chaos. Honour the Balance
The cloud boss cares not for your 277 rings. - mntwins0001
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  3. PvP QQer about the new system actually called GC at home rofl

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