is this dps decent for my gear?

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User Info: ChocoboMog123

4 years ago#11
BobTDonut posted...

The numbers he posted were from LFR, so Elegon probably had at most 2 stacks, and the adds don't live long enough most of the time to get some good cleave damage on them.

Either the adds are dying, and Elegon is stacking up the debuff, or the adds live long enough to cleave them hard. Either way, I'd expect about 100k from a good Destro Lock (not that it matters). The limiting factor would be how long the pillars stay up.
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User Info: Toasty_waffles

4 years ago#12
ChocoboMog123 posted...
AssultTank posted...
This is GameFaqs where if you don't pull 100k on every fight at 463 ilevel you are terrible.

On Elegon as a Warlock? Yes, absolutely.

onslaught49 posted...
1st boss i got 64k on elegon i got just below 78k and the last boss with the add changing i got 58k. is this good for my gear?

64k on Spirit Kings is right on track for great DPS.
78k on Elegon is pretty low, depending on how long the transitions lasted and how many stacks you got. Still should be much higher with F&B on adds and MF'd RoF.
58k on Will as Destro is kinda bad. You can cleave Shadowburns like crazy, have nigh infinite embers, have room to multi-dot, should have infinite mana. Destro is really good at Will of the Emperors, it has great cleave damage, burst, and the best Dark Soul for the fight.

Normally I wouldn't check your gear, since most people making these topics have issues with playstyle that are far more important than gearing issues. You might have those, but you sound good enough for gear to matter. I'd also normally play the elitist card and demand an advanced armory link, but screw it.
Get the Dark Soul glyph for Destro and time your Dark Souls better. Don't be afraid to switch talents based on the fight, it's probably best to have an Imp out, or at least a Beholder, on Will of the Emperor, and MF is a DPS increase on many fights. I don't see any glaring gear issues, you might be able to replace those Expertise gems with Int and grab that Hit back from gear.

Edit: BTW, just read the other thread. 90% sure FRG used well is better than the other heroic trinkets. Hell, if you want to go Demo, FRG is CRAZY strong for Demo.

mestupkid185 posted...
hopefully they fix warlocks so affliction isnt the "correct" spec anymore. i too favor destruction.

It's not the correct spec, on many fights, and all the specs are more than viable especially for normal modes, let alone LFR. Bad DPS as Destro is just a bad player.

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User Info: onslaught49

4 years ago#13
thanks choco for the feedback, yeah on elegon we wasnt even able to get one stack on him due to lfr having no co-ordination i imagine with a good group on normal id be able to get a fair amount more and the adds on will dies too quick to get much from dotting them all up:/
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