can u check have u looted sha?

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  3. can u check have u looted sha?

User Info: tuoli

4 years ago#1
played drunk and im pretty sure i did it but not 100% sure...

User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
4 years ago#2
I think there's some sort of macro you can run to check, but I'm not sure what it was.

User Info: AirRawr_

4 years ago#3
/run local z,t,s={[32099]='Sha of Anger this week.'},GetQuestsCompleted();for c,v in pairs(z) do if t[c] then s='' else s=' not' end print('You have'..s,'done',v) end
this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04

User Info: mrhighlife83

4 years ago#4
If you ever happen to lose this topic, that macro is posted on the Wowhead comments for Sha of Anger as well.
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  3. can u check have u looted sha?

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