How should I tank Lei Shi on LFR?

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  3. How should I tank Lei Shi on LFR?

User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
4 years ago#1
Because no one does it properly. I go hero mode and take all the adds and I'm even tanking Lei Shi at the same time and I die.
I always die. This was my 5th week tanking Terrace and I have died every single time to Lei Shi during the add phase.

So what do I do... do I just let the adds free-for-all? Do I let the other tank take a s***load of spray stacks? Do I continue going man mode and dying for my people?

I mean we don't wipe but... I kinda would like to live throughout the whole fight at least once.
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User Info: Bladenyte

4 years ago#2
the 5 times i've done that fight, i have never seen the main tank die.. your healers are sucky if they cant keep you alive during the fight.

as for the elementals that spawn, they are not your concern, thats a problem for the dps. you just have to keep the boss facing away from rest of the raid so the spray only hits you, or alternativly you can try to set it up like this with the other tank.

Tanks swap after 5 or 6 stacks of spray; raid stays out of it.
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  3. How should I tank Lei Shi on LFR?

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