good leveling spec for rogues?

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  3. good leveling spec for rogues?

User Info: mestupkid185

4 years ago#1

User Info: Fire_Away

4 years ago#2
All of them level fine but Combat has more of an edge because of it's stronger AoE, as far as I remember.

I'm enjoying the burst from Sub though, and a spec being more fun for me makes leveling easier to do.
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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#3
Combat's only edge is if you are dungeon leveling (cleaves) in which case you are leveling wrong anyway.

I personally find assa and sub better for questing.
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User Info: PatrilotIV

4 years ago#4
I stick with Mut pretty much.. it's the best all around, though Combat allows for more of a "warrior" type fighting style than stealth all the time, so can level faster with it. Sub I personally think is good for PVP but not really PVE.

User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#5
tagging this.
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  3. good leveling spec for rogues?

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