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User Info: Boogyy

4 years ago#1
Our guild is surprisingly having troubles on wind-lord.

Everything prior to windlord is an absolute cakewalk, Garalon only took about 25 attempts to figure out healing, kiting, and absorbing-wise. However, on our second night with Windlord we still cannot get past ~30%. We 1 tank, 3 heal, and 6 DPS this. The AoE portion is pretty simple and we don't have much of a problem with any of it.

However during phase 2, we run into issues with Rain of Blades. We have a holy priest, resto shaman(me), and disc priest but around the end of the fight rain of blades absolutely tears through us. To be fair our guild has only had about 10 or so shots at the guy each night without some real stategy besides: AoE p1, avoid everything in phase 2, without much coordination otherwise.

Is it just simply a coordination issue for rain of blades, or is there some tactic like stacking (wouldn't windbomb create issues?) for it?
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User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#2
There's no real tactic for it. Have people stack for it, use healing cooldowns, or personals if healers haven't got cooldowns up.
It does massive damage yeah, but nothing you can't spam through.

Stacking when he's about to Rain does definitely help, and doesn't really create Wind Bomb issues any more than a melee dps getting targeted for Wind Bomb would. When I tank that I slowly pull him around the whole room as he fills the surrounding area, such that we're just coming full circle when he dies. So long as no one stands behind me/in my path as I backpedal (which can create Wind Bomb issues if I get trapped in) Wind Bomb is a nonissue.

The Disc Priest should be able to handle a number of them nearly on his own with Spirit Shell, unless he's had to handle dispels the whole fight in which case mana might be an issue (Mass gets expensive man). Tell him to hold back a bit on healing and have the others pick up for him a bit? Atonement healing gets crazy on this fight as the adds die anyways so he can go for that near the end. Just a thought.
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User Info: Teh_Dr_Phil

4 years ago#3
Spirit Shell is a godsend for p2. Primarily, just rotate healer CDs. If you have a dps Druid, have him/her do a Heart tranq (or whatever that cd is called).

User Info: Rangue

4 years ago#4
Its all about CD management for our guild. I am a warrior MT, so for the first RoB's I pop my +20% health and -10% damage AOE skills. 2nd we pop tranquility. 3rd we pop bloodlust, which lasts through the 4th. 5th its personal CDs. ECT.

Just make a CD rotation. Like mana tide totem talent can most likely make one whole RoBs pointless. Ascendance can prolly take care of another.

Just pick ahead of time who is going to use what when. I am sure you will get him down.
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User Info: Boogyy

4 years ago#5
Figures, our guild split up into two groups and our original team would normally organize healing cooldowns even if it wasn't necessary for every fight.

I guess I gotta revive that with my two new buddies here. Thanks for the quick advice guys, appreciate it.
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