Gah... I Miss This :(

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User Info: InfestedAdam

4 years ago#11
AssultTank posted...
Heftybags posted...
Abortions are cheap and easy.

We actually had someone get gkicked last night for saying something like that...
GM's wife is pregnant and there have been issues with the pregnancy so it hit close to home for him...

Oooo.....not exactly a topic to joke around regardless of people's personal stance on that matter. There are some lines one should never cross. Whenever a guildmate start up a political or religion related discussion guildchat usually go dead quiet until that person stops or logs off.

As for you TC, I know what you mean. Despite it being a game it's been a part of my life in both good and bad ways since 2005 and some of my current in-game friends and guildmates I have known for over six years.

When the day comes that we I do call it quits I'll defintely try and keep in touch with my guildmates but the game itself will definitely be a fond memory.
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User Info: TheAncientMonk

4 years ago#12
Congratulations on the family!

I wish I had one. :(

User Info: Toasty_waffles

4 years ago#13
"Pandaria was announced and I managed to find some time to play the game in short intervals during evenings when my daughter was asleep. Since then my fiancé fell pregnant again and my second child arrived in November. I did get to do Pandaria until 90 but sadly have had to permanately cancel my subscription as time is just not available anymore (early November). "

You mean u got fired
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User Info: Wyrmwarrior5

4 years ago#14
It's actually kind of refreshing to see a topic about someone quitting for good personal reasons and being able to say "I had a good time, I'll miss it" instead of usual topics about quitting that boil down to "dis game suck f u blizz" = best website ever.

User Info: SolidGold

4 years ago#15
No Toasty_waffles I did not get fired. Like I stated, I found the time in the evenings when my daughter was asleep. Those who have kids knows how difficult it can be to try and get them into a routine sleeping pattern. When you finally do its just such a relief as it just opens up a new realm of free time for everybody.

Thank you for all your responses. Appreciate it :)

User Info: _x_Phoenix_x_

4 years ago#16
From: DamorahTalset | #008
_x_Phoenix_x_ posted...
>Pregnant woman and kids

I know which one i'd choose.


No really, I hate kids.


*high 5*

User Info: Genocet_10-325

4 years ago#17
l2manageyourtime, I know people with far busier lives who find time to play.
Formerly known as The_Great_Geno. MapleStory IGN: Leaphetamine, Scania
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