Would you support server mergers?

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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#21
Now that I am thinking more about it, wouldn't merging servers feed all the "lolwows dead" trolls? You think Blizz is dumb enough to never consider merging so that they don't want people to think they are dying?
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User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#22
WaffIeElite posted...
What kind of AH issues do people have these days? Feasts and flasks are way more plentiful than they should be solo, same with enchanting/gems and such, they're dirt cheap.

It depends on the realm. On a medium to high population realm, yes, feasts and flasks are plentiful.

But on a very, very low population server, you have two problems. First of all, there aren't many players-- not as much of a market, so not as much of a reason to bother with playing the auction house. Crafting commodities on an industrial scale takes a significant investment of time and gold, and on a low pop server the return might not be enough to justify the investment.

Secondly, low level crafting materials have become rather ridiculously hard to get due to CRZ, especially BC and Northrend materials. (Vanilla had the spawn rate increased vastly in Cataclysm, so it's not as hard to gather.) I once mined fel iron for an hour and had 10 ore at the end. Not ten stacks, ten ore-- about enough to get a single point of blacksmithing, or two of jewelcrafting. On a low population server, most of the fel iron that spawns will be soaked by people from other servers. This means that leveling a new profession that takes a lot of ore takes either a ridiculously long time farming for content 4-6 years out of date, or a lot of gold and patience buying whatever appears for auction. (No, professions should not be instant, but 100 hours or more of mining for 150 points of blacksmithing or jewelcrafting-- and not even the current content's points-- is a little over the top.) It might be faster and more time effective to just level through Darkmoon Faire monthlies.
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