How far into progression/rbg/arena (whatever you play for mostly) are you?

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  3. How far into progression/rbg/arena (whatever you play for mostly) are you?

User Info: Boogyy

4 years ago#1
And where do you think you belong?

Currently 10/16 Normal with a fairly casual and disorganized guild. I personally feel like I should be at Lei-Shei at the very least with possibly some good runs into Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults.

in the 1500s in RBGs under the same conditions, I feel like I belong here for the time being.

Haven't tried arenas.
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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#2
7/16hc, but I stopped playing late November.

The guild is on 13/16hc at the moment though, and should be killing Lei Shi hc this week, leaves only Tsulong and Sha of Fear.
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User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#3
4/6HC in MSV, the rest of the 16 killed on normal.

We finally got a proper team together nearly, should be 7/16 HC by the end of this lockout ideally.
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User Info: Kreyyn

4 years ago#4
H 16/16.

Have been 2600+ in 3's on a few different characters but haven't really bothered with this season cause it's horrible.
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

4 years ago#5
0/16 normal
sub 800 rating in arena
1 LFR clear

get on my level bruh
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User Info: Lockie

4 years ago#6
Level 87.

Should be level 88 1/2.

User Info: Hak

4 years ago#7
13 level 90s. That's really it - no time for stupid dailies when trying to level up, and on the odd occasion I can stomach them it's still not enough to get the rep to start buying VP gear. Have one character with enough ilevel to run LFR Terrace, but really can't be bothered with loot-chasing this expac. The daily quest focus, and the system of "earn 100VP a day from doing the same quests, every day" has made me lose interest. I'm just passing time til my billing expires at the moment.
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User Info: Lokom0tiv

4 years ago#8
Play for pvp really. 2400+ rbgs but thats trivial. 2200 in 3s s11 but nothing this season as the comps are terrible.
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User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#9
Also 10/16 normal, working on Amber-Shaper.

No PvP progression to speak of. Last time I went into a BG was sometime in Cata.

User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#10
None, I haven't done hardcore anything since WOTLK. Back then though I went 9/12 H ICC 25 and only two of those kills were with the buff (5% and then 10%). Even more remarkably it was on a pretty bad server. I miss it but I don't have the time to dedicate to do anything but play casually now. I know if I tried I could get that far again.

All I really do now is BGs, quest/level alts and the occasional dungeon.
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