What keeps you paying your $15 dollars a month?

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  3. What keeps you paying your $15 dollars a month?

User Info: theboogs

4 years ago#1
I'm conducting a survey for one of my classes.
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User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#2
From: theboogs | #001

Mah keys!
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User Info: Ponchercules

4 years ago#3
I usually forget all about it. Because $15 a month is so small. and since I live alone and work all the time, I just play to stop myself from being bored
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User Info: Rockeign

4 years ago#5
Well I initially paid it for the experience then once I reached end-game and was ultimately disappointed by it I kept paying because of all the wasted time I invested into the game. Then I realized that I should just look at that time as junk time and throw it away to avoid turning anymore of my time into junk time. So I quit. Because wasting hours a day chasing a single pixelated item is f**king stupid.

Why are you still on the board then?

User Info: larkinster

4 years ago#6
Because it's only 15 bucks.
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User Info: Financial_Wiz

4 years ago#7
An honest answer for your project... Because I make enough money for $15 a month to be an after thought. Though, that wasn't the case in 2005 when I was in college!

Also because I've generally enjoyed this game as a past time for the last 7 years.

User Info: XerxesTheWizard

4 years ago#8
Because it's the most fun video game I've played in a long time. Oh, and it's a massive time sink which is perfect for me as I'm in college.

User Info: Blak4xis

4 years ago#9
I still have a lot of friends who play, and we still enjoy playing together. My rent's not so bad, so throwing $15 on to my other expenses isn't that big of a deal :D
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User Info: scarecrows

4 years ago#10
My job, that makes $15 very trivial. I don't mind paying a tiny bit of money to be able to play a game with my friends. I pay more for my cell phone and that's just to TALK to my friends, I can't even kill dragons with them on that thing.
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  3. What keeps you paying your $15 dollars a month?

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