What keeps you paying your $15 dollars a month?

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User Info: tiger002

4 years ago#11
I enjoy the progression in it, specifically raiding, I hang out with friends there, and I like seeing where the story is going.
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User Info: USACrippler

4 years ago#12
My desire to continue playing the game.
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User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#13
USACrippler posted...
My desire to continue playing the game.

User Info: Marz

4 years ago#14
about 45 minutes of work at my job earns me a month of WoW.. a shift I work in a day can pay for about 8 months of WoW.. so the money really isn't an issue.

like another poster above mentioned, this wasn't the case when I was a poor university student, but times have changed, lol

User Info: GateCaptain

4 years ago#15
I quit a few months ago so NOTHING muhahaha. But honestly me and at least 3-4 people i know wont be coming back, kinda sad seeing as how much time we put in. I been trying to avoid the WOW board but no luck :P

User Info: Infini22

4 years ago#16
Game is still fun for me after all these years/15$ is next to nothing (adult/job).

User Info: InfestedAdam

4 years ago#17
For me it's cheap entertainment and I still have ties with online friends that I've made over the years. As some have mentioned already, it's cheap enough that I don't notice the cost.
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User Info: ___________poi_

4 years ago#18

It is the one thing that sets WoW apart from all other games and the reason I didn't quit this game many years ago.

User Info: SlyClone2k

4 years ago#19
£8. But this was my last month. What kept me paying was my annual sub and my ex-girlfriend played. But as they've both now ran out I'll not be paying for wow.
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User Info: Coop14

4 years ago#20
An hour in a half part time job for gas money and food I can squander 15 bucks out of my paycheck for it. It's cheap doesn't cost me not as much for console gaming.

Also mounts, I am a collector of fine luxurious mounts. Cannot stop collecting them mounts.... Or gear
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  3. What keeps you paying your $15 dollars a month?

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