Level 90 talent for hunter, glaive toss, barrage, or power shot?

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  3. Level 90 talent for hunter, glaive toss, barrage, or power shot?

User Info: NitroRat

4 years ago#11
Was about to post about how awesome powershot is in arena, but then I re-read to see that it's your pve alt. I'd agree with the others then, Glaive toss.
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I'd also personally say Glaive Toss as well, though theoretically Barrage would also work in a raid/heroic scenario... personally, though, I dislike the 'channeled' aspect of Barrage, which feels like it takes you out of your rotation, and it also has the annoying tendency to attack pretty much EVERYTHING in front of you, which makes it unfeasible to use in out in the 'open world' (doing, say, dailies and the like).

As for Power Shot... barring the cast time on it, and the knockback (which will greatly annoy about half the tanks you run across), there's also the fact that, despite the fact it's a targeted ability, it can still be dodged if your target moves even the slightest bit.
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User Info: Kanus_oq_Seruna

4 years ago#13
GT is most controllable, has a short CD and small focus cost, and best of all, can do some awesome stuff if you target and strafe right. Most of all, you don't have knockback or pull issues with it.
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User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#14
Powershot is only good in PVP and Glaive Toss is better than Barrage in PVE, so...
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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#15
steveoSEK posted...

icy when it comes to those talents usually just says "this works for this, this works for that, choose whichever you think fits" because it's so often a crapshoot.

Could not be more wrong.

Quoting Icy Veins:
Glaive Toss provides the biggest DPS increase, and should be the default choice.


You will also find the same statement in the MM and SRV sections. They do the same for every class too.

You just didn't read.
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User Info: seasloth21

4 years ago#16
I use powershot, primarily for bgs, it is amazing in flag games and especially so in temple. When combined with the hunter pvp bonus(3200 pvp power during rapid fire) it can do some amazing burst. In arenas it can be a great opener with camo glyphed, as starting your cast doesnt take you out of camo.
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