Lol Windwalker is going to wreck face...

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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#11
Little Zardar posted...
Elaeus posted...
TOTALLY maining mine.

elly... are you a FoTMer? mained rogue in 4.3, maining a monk in 5.2

The guild actually nearly begged me to play the rogue in 4.3 because of the free orange bananas. My plan was to go back to the paladin (my main in the entirety of WotLK) after spending 4.0 up to the end of 4.2 mainly on my warlock (because we had enough healers and were a caster short), but our FotM 17 years old officer wanted to play his holy paladin because these were the FotM for healers and since I didn't actually hate rogue I reluctantly agreed. I then realized it is one of the most fun classes in games to me -entirely unexpected- and now I am a hardcore rogue lover.

To be fair, I am still torn whether to pick up my rogue again or go with the windwalker monk. Since I am going really casual so might as well have the most fun out of the game in 5.2, and I like the way LFR t15 looks for monks so eh.

My comment about TOTALLY maining mine wasn't because of Ring of Peace or whatever you call it. I am just looking for a fun, powerful and quick based class to smash stuff quickly and either rogue or monk seem like the best answer since I am quiet familiar with both (I considered warrior for a change of pace but why would I do that if I enjoy the other two alot more?). I think a while back you remember I made a topic about which I shall pick, and it is a really hard decision. :(

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User Info: Right_Chus_1

4 years ago#12
No such thing as FOTM unless its 20 somthing hundred arena playing a class that is beyond that point to grab an easy glad title and thats not even for the majority. Not many people can play a FOTM to glad. A LOT, like to think so, but, not many make it.

FOTM in pve is is funny to me as well because there is never a FOTM in pve. There is classes that the top few guilds stack to beat the content but everyone after that falls back and plays what is available to them.

Flavor of the month is such a mirage.

User Info: flaire

4 years ago#13
a lot of monks won't use ROP because they'd rather have leg sweep. Leg sweep is a move that can be used offensively or defensively where ROP is pretty much defensive only.

ROP is just a burst counter because WW monks were dying so easily in arena and RBG.

The only true OP issue for monks, imho, is the 20 yard undispellable paralysis that can be used every 15 seconds. It is a shorter version of blind that can be used every 15 seconds and a glyph was just added that will get rid of dots on the target.
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