Why do people see Titans as good guys?

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User Info: Amakusa

4 years ago#21
Wyrmwarrior5 posted...
Amakusa posted...
panzar dragoon posted...
The Titans have only one goal: Bring order from chaos. Ultimately, they do stand for good.

That only flies if you equate Order with Good.

We're getting all Shivering Islands up in here.

Don't know what that is. I feel Babylon 5 gave a very good portrayal why Order wasn't necessarily Good.

Heck, even Star Wars shows how Order can sometimes not be a Good thing.
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User Info: Morgasaurus

4 years ago#22

The Old Gods are really the good guys. I mean come on, this "curse of flesh" resulted in every race that we currently play as. Without it, the Warcraft universe wouldn't even be possible. Also, we activated a titan beacon this one time, and what was the result? Some dude came to Azeroth and was like "Hey guys your planet is FUBAR I'm gonna blow it up, is that okay?" And we were like "Um, no. Die."

The Old Gods have a symbiotic relationship with Azeroth. The Klaxxi know what's up.
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User Info: Megawizard

4 years ago#23
panzar dragoon posted...
The Titans have only one goal: Bring order from chaos. Ultimately, they do stand for good.

The Galactic Empire maintained Order too.
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User Info: The_Abhorrent

4 years ago#24
As a general rule, any effectively omnipotent creator-entity comes in one of two flavours:

- Benevolent, all-knowing good guy (or girl). Typically has their abilities limited due to arcane rules; such as wanting to let the general populace at least try to solve their own problems (though not unwilling to give guidance)... or because any course of action they take may result in a lot of unavoidable collateral damage.

- Power-hungry and/or genocidal jerkass.

As of.... well, UIduar was the last time I ever paid attention to this, the Titans lean towards the former (Algalon's actions implying the "collateral damage" situation, with a dose of callousness) with Sargeras being an explicit case of the latter. Incidentally, all encounters with the Old Gods (back when I played the game) were almost explicitly cases of the latter.

Following the general principle of dichotomy... if the Old Gods are "bad guys", then their opposing force (the Titans) must be "good guys".

However, that still doesn't negate Blizzard's penchant for corrupting old heroes and turning them into villains. Ergo... the chances of ANY character (in any of their franchises) being a permanent and explicit good guy forever is... well, non-existent.

... meh, might as well get it over with.

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User Info: piplupzero

4 years ago#25
vahndragonwing posted...
piplupzero posted...
vahndragonwing posted...
The same reason people see god as a good guy when he does essentially the same thing

I mean, they are all about maintaining Azeroth, and because of that we get a free "protected" card for the most part.

Except the times when we had to convince the constructs they left behind not to come back and wipe us all out...

The one time, and they didn't do it because despite how messed up it is/was, we proved we got this

*spoilers* Ra-den's dialogue hints he plans to do it in 5.2 so that's two... though he is slightly mad.
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
4 years ago#26
Yeah, they're not good. Just slightly better than the comparable entities we've seen in the Old Gods. At the end of the day, the less either interacts with us the better.
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