Which faction do you play?

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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#11
For the Horde !!!
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User Info: Commander-Gree

4 years ago#12
I'm 50/50. I've got an Ally level 90 Rogue and a Horde level 90 Paladin. I don't know which one is my main, but probably the Paladin. I'm also leveling 2 Alliance characters and 2 Horde characters. The rest of mY alts will be split evenly.

User Info: Taaron

4 years ago#13
Play alliance myself. Made a few horde characters time and time again for one reason or another but never got very far. Started leveling 6 horde characters for their mounts but never got past level 20. Also don't feel like doing the multiple DK route.
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User Info: Hexrapper

4 years ago#14
Alliance. I tried a Horde character once. Had to take a long hot shower to get the ick feeling off of me afterwards.
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  3. Which faction do you play?

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