This game needs a BARD CLASS!

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  3. This game needs a BARD CLASS!

User Info: QuesoBlanco

4 years ago#1
Melee Bard who shoots bows.

Sings a lot. Like a super ranged paladin.

Super cool.

User Info: Gallusz

4 years ago#2
rift is -›››››› way

User Info: cxie

4 years ago#3
Bard with bow makes no sense, they should use guitar for weapon and each of their ability is a song.

User Info: ryanell666

4 years ago#4
so a "buff"adin that shoots arrows....

...sounds boring.

User Info: havok718

4 years ago#5
Song weaving, best gameplay mechanic ever. Wait, I mean worst.

User Info: Hak

4 years ago#6
Surprised nobody has get posted the Blizzard page with the Bard class preview yet.
In the book, it says He created us to be just like Him. So if we're dumb, then God is dumb, and maybe a little bit ugly on the side. - Zappa
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  3. This game needs a BARD CLASS!

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