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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#21
KarateKittyKill posted...
I can't see Undead Priest

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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#22
RPGphreak posted...
Oh even better, add in sub races for all the races. Wild Hammer, Dark Iron, Leper Gnome, Highborne, Eredar, Fel Orc, Taunka, Yaungol, Amani Troll, High Elves, The Wretched, Hobgoblins and such.

Oooh. I'd really like this. Every race has some cool "sub-species" or "nationality" that could be used.

Yuraco posted...
Elaeus posted...
Undead paladin. I would change my blood elf.

Probably not really interested in anything else outside of what's available now. MAYBE night elf paladin.

Make blood elves turn banshee like sylvanas...

THEN i would change my blood elven pally

Um. Do you mean a Banshee like she was? Or a Banshee who found its original body? She's still the Banshee Queen or whatever such title, but she's not actually a Banshee anymore. In WoW the Banshees are the disembodied souls. So they're like ghosts. She, however, was able to reanimate her original body, which was a High Elf to be how she is. Though, with the "sub races" idea, this could definitely be something cool.

It'll never happen as it requires effort and creativity, but it's definitely a great idea.
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