Fastest way to 85 to 90?

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User Info: Amakusa

4 years ago#11
MCC1701 posted...
In real time, questing>dungeons.

However, at least to me, dungeons SEEM faster than questing

Dungeons are slower than questing for sure. The only reason it seems fast is because of the dungeon quests; any time you run the place afterward you definitely notice how bad they are for leveling.
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User Info: MCC1701

4 years ago#12
^^^ This. There are some situations where dungeons are faster, such as when you are RAF and never have to visit the same dungeon twice, but overall quests make it break even with questing, and after that it is much slower.

And to clarify my last post, usually when I do dungeons it does seem faster than questing, most people I have talked to also feel the same. However when I have actually sat down and measured it, questing is faster. If you prefer dungeons go right ahead, but if you want speed, quest.
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  3. Fastest way to 85 to 90?

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