Just got out of what I consider to be the top 10 worst dungeons of all time.

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User Info: piplupzero

4 years ago#11
Elaeus posted...
Nothing pisses me off in 5 mans more than tanks that lose aggro on me.

I played today for the first time since.. Nov 20th I think and picked up my windwalker. She is fully LFR geared (lv488) and I tried 2 random heroics. It was always pretty common for me to top recount all the time on this character prior to quitting because most of the people I get in 5hcs are people that are still gearing, but seriously doing around 180k on trash pulls with a tank pulling 50k (which I assume is alright for a fresh tank on trash due to low vengeance), I am not supposed to be pulling out of them. It's another thing when it happens and they just refuse to taunt back because "you pulled it you tank it". Same tanks then proceed to lose aggro on Xin the Weaponmaster or Whatshisface the Uncasked (when I am doing around 80k to their 35k). I mean isn't it a 600% threat to AP now or am I doing something wrong?

How am I supposed to do less AoE as a windwalker monk? It's freaking 2 buttons rotation.

Well that's silly, the "you pulled it, you tank it" rule is supposed to apply to out of combat pulls only. If someone pulls off you as a tank and you initiated the pull then you pull back. I can understand losing aoe threat to an higher geared DPS, but single target seems a little hard to swallow. I believe its 500% atm which still doesn't add up.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#12
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
Lightning Bolt posted...
From: Wookie_Is_Back | #002
I had a Death Knight tank in Mogushan Palace that insisted Blood Boil was his main spell and at the end of the dungeon, he'd taken 16 million damage, only abosorbed 200K, and used over 500 Blood Boils, but only 50 Death Strikes.

To be fair, if he were just a few levels lower he would have been entirely correct. >.>

Like 85-86ish?

From level 55 to the mid-80s, It hits harder, even single-target, than heart strike.The problem here is that the DK in question didn't realize that the priority goes back to normal. It's forming a seriously bad habit.
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User Info: King21

4 years ago#13
I don't get it either. There was a thread on MMOCHAMPION the other week about noob mistakes you made. Surprisingly, a lot of people did things like 71 point in a single tree or use gear not for their spec. This one person said at level 80 in Naxx, he won some agility staff as an Enhancement shaman, sold his weapons and used it. Then since he was using a 2H now, he stacked ArP.

With people like that it is no wonder they have dumbed the game down so much .
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  3. Just got out of what I consider to be the top 10 worst dungeons of all time.

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