What's wrong with using PvP gear in raids?

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User Info: Genocet_10-325

4 years ago#11
Yeah, to be clear, a 483 malevolent piece will be better than a 476 LFR piece and equal to a 483 LFR piece. Someone in full malevolent would be the same in PvE as someone in full HoF/ToES LFR gear.
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User Info: Hak

4 years ago#12
Aye, removing Resilience from item budgets is something of a mistake in my opinion. I know why they did it - people were bulking their ilevels with PvP gear they could easily obtain, so rather than drag the raids down they insteead removed resiliance/pvp power from budgeting. It just annoys me after they've spent so long separating the gear for PvE and PvP to then go back to making PvP gear useful in PvE, but PvE gear still useless in PvP.
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User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#13
Nothing really wrong with it. It's poor gear, you should have better stuff than that by now, but if you don't then you're as good as an LFR runner so it's not too bad.

People are just too used to Cata, where the PVP gear would have to be of a monumentally higher ilvl to compete with PVE gear.
I remember our Lock chewing me out in early progression for coming with a Malevolent cape and ring (or something... they were Hit/Mastery and I was the tank) since they were better than dungeon blues . After I spent all that time suffering through this game's terrible arena to get that extra edge. No appreciation for the pains I go through. :(
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User Info: Apocali_Dragoon

4 years ago#14
Not to mention holy pally pvp set which is incredibly strong for an eternal glory build
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