Bonus rep for instances not working?

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  3. Bonus rep for instances not working?

User Info: ghettoraider81

4 years ago#1
Ran my first heroic and it asked me which faction to apply bonus rep to but I didn't get any.
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User Info: Kokeii

4 years ago#2
I got bonus rep. You sure you chose a faction that you're not already exalted with? And did you check the chat log when you killed the final boss?

User Info: BobbySura

4 years ago#3
click the star

User Info: scarecrows

4 years ago#4
Yeah I clicked on the rep I wanted, checked after, didn't get any. That's when I realized there is a faint star over to the left that you're supposed to click. Apparently I'm an idiot!
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User Info: Chairstood

4 years ago#5
In the ingame tooltip it says + 300 rep for heroics +200 for scenarios.
I thought it was suppose to be 750 for heroics and 325 for scenarios.
Typical Blizzard to change it as soon as 5.2 hits live.
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User Info: Rayn247

4 years ago#6
I made the same mistake... Was just clickin on the rep bar i wanted to bonus and not the star.
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  3. Bonus rep for instances not working?

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