Has anyone seen "No One" on their recount before?

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  3. Has anyone seen "No One" on their recount before?

User Info: _Dale_Gribble

4 years ago#1
What causes them to show up?

User Info: Chicken

4 years ago#2
Its Herobrine.

User Info: metroidfreakv4

4 years ago#3
Just had 26 dispells on prohpets in ToES
Id say a bug. since the other raiders skada said only 2 dispells period.
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User Info: piplupzero

4 years ago#4
Yea, Recount has some funny bugs. Back in cata my rogue friends most damaging spell for a few dungeons was shadow bold...
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User Info: LoneBladeSharp

4 years ago#5
Periodically - my Gurthulak tentacles used to come up as No-One sometimes, and I see it every now and again.
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User Info: AnaTheCat

4 years ago#6
If a mob hits you with a projectile but the mob itself dies before you're it, then recount will get confused and say the source was "No one".

User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

4 years ago#7
"No One" is the one that steals your loot and gives it to someone else.
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  3. Has anyone seen "No One" on their recount before?

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