Any sale on mists on panderia?

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  3. Any sale on mists on panderia?

User Info: ii_UmP_ii

4 years ago#1
anybody know where i can get it for cheap?
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User Info: Shadow_Of_Fenix

4 years ago#2
Not sure if it still is, but blizz was selling the entire game, including all xpacs for $35 just a few weeks ago.
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User Info: dlomaximo

4 years ago#3
try checking the wow page
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User Info: TreGooda

4 years ago#4
Amazon has it for $30 (was only $20 a couple weeks ago though).
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User Info: kylewilkie

4 years ago#5
still need a copy of mists?
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  3. Any sale on mists on panderia?

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