Which race would you like to see next?

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User Info: AllGodsDie

4 years ago#11
It's mandatory we get a lizard/reptile race at this point. Every fantasy game needs one.

User Info: NtheRiddle

4 years ago#12
Honestly I would like to see Blizz use some of the races we already have that are barely used than see another race added for an expansion and then forgotten completely...
.....umm .....yeah
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User Info: Groudon_is_Gold

4 years ago#13
I would say Furbolg but then people would argue Pandaren are already a bear humanoid race.

So... I would have to say Saytr and Naga. Either for either side as they're both descendants of the Highborne. Could tie into the emerald dream with their combination of Burning Legion and Old God influences. N'Zoth is still unresolved

And before people say, "How's a naga gonna ride a mount?", look up "Side saddle".
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User Info: Sternblume

4 years ago#14
Instead of new races, each existing race should have subraces, with different racials and looks.

- Ironforge Dwarf, Wildhammer Dwarf, Dark Iron Dwarf;
- Tauren, Taunka, Yaungol (I could see them joining the horde);
- Zombie Undead (current one), Banshee/Ghost Undead (obviously possessing a body like Sylv does), Vampire Undead;
- Gnome, Mechagnome, "rescued" Leper Gnome;
- Draenei, Broken;
- Blood Elf, Wretched;
- Dark Portal Orc (standard), Fel Orc, Mag'har;
- Night Elf, Highborne;
- Darkspear Troll, Revantusk Troll;
- Stormwind Human, Lordaeron Human, Kul Tiras Human;
- Wandering Isle Pandaren, Pandaria... Pandaren (yeah, I know).

And please no more beast races...

User Info: Nomadic View

Nomadic View
4 years ago#15
TWO-headed Ogres!

I've been waiting for two headed ogres ever since the game came out. I loved my army of ogres in Warcraft II. I'm still waiting for them to be playable in WoW.

Ogre Druids would be awesome. A two headed bear?! Awesomeness is inevitable.
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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#16
Tewlsy posted...
Playable Tuskarr, kthx.

That would be awesome. I loved the Tuskarr from when I first ran into them. I just don't like that they'd need to be neutral. The whole "We're the same race, but still can't talk to each other" thing is really stupid. Otherwise, they fit in most with the Horde. Well, Thrall's Horde anyway. They wouldn't much fit in with either faction as-is.

But yeah ... they're a great idea.

Also, the sub-races thing. Like different factions, etc. within the existing races would be fun. Though, with some of the races it's already kind of doable with skin tones, hair colors, etc. One can already make a very pale dwarf, for instance who looks like he's Dark Iron. Wildhammer, less so, I think. I don't think they let us put tattoos on like them. That'd be neat, though. Also Taunka for Tauren. I think that should have been added in Cata, regardless of other races, just to fit with Taunka officially joining the Horde in Wrath, but nothing ever coming of it. Maybe even mid-Wrath, they could have done it. Like 5.1 or 5.2. It would have made sense from a lore-standpoint. But I'm sure the mechanics and programming would have made for difficult implementation mid-expansion.

But definitely these two ideas I think are awesome. Except for the fact that Tuskarr, as far as I know, wouldn't get any sub-factions. They just all seem very generic and "fishing village" to me. Still. Fun ideas.
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User Info: TheGreatCheeze

4 years ago#17
Wyrmwarrior5 posted...
Anyone who says a race other than Ethereal is lying to themselves.

Also, Centaur/Naga as a playable race will never happen.

I'm having some serious deja vu
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User Info: Kanus_oq_Seruna

4 years ago#18
The next race will be some space slug from no-where that actually arrives by fixing the Well of Eternity, and end up taking residence on Kul Tiras.
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User Info: Marikhen

4 years ago#19
Murlocs for Alliance, naga for Horde. Hey, if trolls can have a "good guy" splinter faction then so can the naga... Barring that I'll take murlocs for the Horde and furbolg for the Alliance.
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User Info: Jiruru

4 years ago#20
Tuskarr, who join factions in a similar fashion to pandas.
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