Anyone Worn Out Your Cataclysm Mouse Pad?

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User Info: InfestedAdam

4 years ago#1
I've seen some mouse pads with similar or same type of material used at work that have been worn down from usage so I am surprise to see my mouse pad from Cataclysm still intact.

There's no scuff marks, faded colouring or anything. Given how many hours I spend on my computer each day I figured my mouse mighta scratched it up by now but it hasn't.

Has anyone actually worn away parts of their Cataclysm mouse pads? I have doubts the type of mouse actually matters.

Comments are appreciated,

Thank you
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User Info: Coop14

4 years ago#2
Nope and I have a Pandaria mousepad as well. Can't believe my Cata one wore down barely at all.. I had a Wrath one and it lasted me the entire expansion I just replaced it and put it back in its box.
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  3. Anyone Worn Out Your Cataclysm Mouse Pad?

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