Warrior or Bear tank?

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User Info: Cozmo_

4 years ago#1
Looking to be a tank class. Ive tried a paladin and it isnt for me. These are the two id like to be at endgame, but which is more and enjoyable?

Ill let gamefaqs decide my fate! Thanks

User Info: Marndos

4 years ago#2
Made this yesterday:


Seems like Warriors win out.
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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#3
I've played both. Warrior only into Outland, though. And my Druid stopped being a tank and more of a permanent herbalist in Cata.

Bear was kind of fun, plus you can still turn into a cat when you're bored. I find both flawed, though. A Bear is the "dodge" tank (bears are kinda big aren't they?) and Warriors, the "anti-magic" class of the game suddenly gets magical shields? Meh.

I vote Bear as it's slightly more fun than Warrior IMO, but not a whole heck of a lot. Then again, I like Paladin tanking. Or, at least I did when I had one back in Cata. I don't know as much for the changes in Mists. So maybe if I like the one you dislike, go against my advice? *shrug*
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User Info: Cozmo_

4 years ago#4
Maybe i'll flip a coin

User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#5
Bear, because....you get to be a freaking BEAR.

User Info: sylverlolol

4 years ago#6
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