Your favorite raid and boss.

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User Info: kill_distroy

4 years ago#1
So which raid and boss are your favorite in all of wow? The boss doesn't have to be from your favorite raid.

My favorite raid is Ulduar, and my favorite boss is Kael'thas Sunstrider
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User Info: AssultTank

4 years ago#2
My favorite raid would have to be Blackwing Descent.

Favorite boss... Tough one. I'd say Valiona and Theralon.
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User Info: JimboJen

4 years ago#3

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User Info: realast_killaz1

4 years ago#4
siege of ironforge

dwarf bosses

User Info: inferiorweasel

4 years ago#5
Raid: Black Wing Lair

Boss: Tie between Magtheridon and Original Kel'Thuzad (40 man)
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User Info: hurtloide

4 years ago#6
Favorite Raid: Ulduar
Favorite Boss: Dreamwalker as a holy pally

User Info: Aceron

4 years ago#7
Favorite raid:
Blackwing Descent. Such delightful levels of crazy in there. And I liked how in heroic Nefarian actually stepped up and 'helped' his minions.

Favorite Boss:
Heroic Beth'tilac. Just something about playing goalie for those exploding spiderlings was tons of fun.
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User Info: xpiritflare

4 years ago#8
Fav Raid: Kara, my first raid ever
Fav Boss: I'm probably alone on this but I really enjoyed the Faction Champions, though I should probably hate it because the guild I was in during Wrath got stuck in TotGC 10 because of this boss heh
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User Info: MajinUltima

4 years ago#9
Raid - Icecrown (Alliance side)
Boss - Illidan
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User Info: Abyssmal Fiend

Abyssmal Fiend
4 years ago#10
Raid: Hyjal. Because there almost seemed to be an RTS element to the raid.

Boss: Leotheras the Blind. Because stacking fire resistance and warlock tanking him was tons of fun.
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