every 1 says (insert class here) is OP but WW monks?....wow

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  3. every 1 says (insert class here) is OP but WW monks?....wow

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#11
One day dude, I'm just gonna get off the bus, and I'm gonna run in the woods and never come back, and when I come back I'm gonna be the knife master!
-The Rev

User Info: spoonshue

4 years ago#12
>_< 90 n00b reporting for duty
if you are reading this miss spelled signature you have wasted 10 seconds of your life...why are you still reading? please move on to next post all ready sheesh

User Info: pengalor

4 years ago#13
zodiacsoul posted...
spoonshue posted...
yes it was VERY aoe heavy, as for my rotation....explosive shot, then black arrow, serpent sting, then spam arcane and explosive till i need focus then cobra shot.

so let me get this straight. Its very aoe heavy dungeon and you decide to use your single target rotation as a surv hunter, the best AOE hunter spec...

yea... i dont know why you would lose to the monk in dps then.

Not necessarily, I asked what they were doing for their single target rotation (mostly since SV aoe is pretty much Exp Trap, spam lock n load procs, spam muti-shots when no procs).

User Info: jackalx747

4 years ago#14
man I love my hunter aoe..its like purty fireworks all over my screen and recount blowing up =O Then we get to a boss and I remember I'm only kinda cool >.<
I don't care if you came from a 3rd world country, fleeing persecution and poverty to get onto gameFAQs. I'm still going to insult your English. -HECTOROCKS

User Info: FelixTrapper

4 years ago#15
WW Monks are pretty unanimously agreed to be in a very bad spot right now in 5.2, in both PvE and PvP. Check out the official forums and data from raid logs.

You are just bad.

User Info: DivineWraith

4 years ago#16
You must group with some really terrible players if you can "usually top the charts" in the state your character is in..
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  3. every 1 says (insert class here) is OP but WW monks?....wow

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