What is your favorite World PVP experience you've had?

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User Info: Ashrahn

4 years ago#1
Mine was in Deepholm, right near the pet battle tamer, there were some alliance there not letting anyone engage them in a pet battle for their quest, so I end up bringing a friend in and we go at it for a while, and it turned into everyone just running into the Temple of Earth when we were about to die. It started out as kill each other whenever possible but it turned into just testing each other, and being able to run back to the Temple as a safezone to heal/rebuff/whatever. There got to be quite a large group going and shortly after everyone went their separate ways.

What are you guys' favorite World Pvp, or even normal pvp, experiences?

User Info: AceMoe

4 years ago#2
First time hitting 2k in arena during BC. Had a lot of fun world pvp moments back in the day as well, it was the best part of the game and sadly world pvp is pretty much dead now. #1 reason I am not playing as of now...
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User Info: RentedToolbox

4 years ago#3
Icecrown. One-on-one prot pally vs. prot pally. Lasted so long that Lay On Hands actually cooled down during the fight. We finally ended up trading kills, threw each other /salute, and parted ways.

User Info: Krozard

4 years ago#4
Back in BC:
I was a level 45-46 hunter at the time, helping a friend with a quest in Hillsbrad Foothills, when I see "Tarren Mill is under attack!". He's done with his quest, so I mount up and ride out to see what's going on.It's a level 70 warrior attacking.

Not really expecting to win, or even come close, I drop a trap, shoot Concussion Shot at him, and start kiting and slowly lowering his health. This goes on for awhile, me slowly lowering his health, him occasionally hitting me.

Eventually, he has less than 5% health left, and I'm out of mana...he's almost on me, and I'm almost dead...then the Warrior drops dead. I'm confused, until I notice a level 70 rogue. He had finished the warrior off.

I get a few complments from the Rogue for lasting as long as I did against the Warrior, we talk for a few minutes, then he heads out to attack Southshore and hopefully lure the Warrior away from Tarren Mill.

Also in BC
I was leveling a Shaman through Hillsbrad Foothills, who was 30 something at the time(didn't have dual-wield yet). I went into the Yeti cave to check for mining nodes and see 2 Alliance Warriors, both 30. They attack me, and I manage to kill them both. A few minutes later, they attack me again, and once again I kill them both. Repeat 5 more times, with the same results, before the finally left me alone.

Once again in BC:
I was leveling my Shaman again, this time in STV. I was doing the Ages Gorilla Sinew quest when I see a same-level Shadow Priest getting ready to attack me. I shift into ghost wolf and start running at the priest. Priest bubbles just as I get there. I hit Stormstrike and the priest dies. Checking combat log I got a Windfury Proc, with everything critting.
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User Info: Xixil

4 years ago#5
Leveling a hunter in Hillsbrad Foothills with a friend.
I think I'm level 30. I see a 36 Draenei Paladin, so I attack. He runs.

My friend tells me to let him go, but I refused to. I can't remember where I first saw him at, but the chase was long, and I finally got him just outside South Shore.

User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

4 years ago#6
Ganking people flagged on my PvE server while they do Isle of Thunder dailies. I just stay near one of the roaming Belf sentry bubble things and hop in and out.

User Info: IqarP15

4 years ago#7
Back during LK expansion at arathi basin run up on the cliff playing my Gnome mage fighting a Orc warrior both of us near death I run up and dragon's breath him right in the face ;D That or at Wintergrasp fighting a female BE dk as a prot war and both of us were about equal then they wussied away before I could kill them...probably to some dungeon.
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User Info: BIMHB

4 years ago#8
this thread makes me wish I still played on a pvp server =(
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User Info: ChronoAce

4 years ago#9
Oondasta. Largest amount of people I have seen in one location at the same time in all of my WoW playing. If your server isn't heavily slanted towards a single faction then there will be tons of world PvP and chaos to be had when Oondasta is up in the Isle of Giants.

User Info: dermoratraken

4 years ago#10
In vanilla my server did a 200+ man raid on all three horde cities simultaneously. We formed up in ironforge and managed to keep it secret until the kalimdor groups arrived in booty bay. Poor horde in crossroads didn't know what was going on.
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