What is your favorite World PVP experience you've had?

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User Info: AllGodsDie

4 years ago#11
AceMoe posted...
First time hitting 2k in arena during BC. Had a lot of fun world pvp moments back in the day as well, it was the best part of the game and sadly world pvp is pretty much dead now. #1 reason I am not playing as of now...

You obviously haven't seen the annoyance that is cross servers. Can't go anywhere on a pvp server without someone trying to kill you.

User Info: Linkmaster2k3

4 years ago#12
Southshore vs Tarren Mill in vanilla. Good times.
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User Info: amzgspyderman

4 years ago#13
i went to take a leak and came back to find myself at 50% health with some hunter trying to kill me. i managed to get into melee ranged and got behind him before he could kill me, then popped my cooldowns while he tried in vain to keyboard turn to face me. i won, got the HK and "make love not warcraft" achievements off him, /spat on and /mocked his corpse, then camped him for half an hour. served him right for trying to get a cheap kill.
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
4 years ago#14
tol barad. if that doesn't count then
we used to have large scale battles in tol barad peninsula back in cata. it'd start in the spider pit and then one group would eventually push back the other to their base.

there was also a horde guild that would have a raid (sometimes 2) on stormwind every single day

there's none of that anymore. I miss it
Rogue PvP in a nutshell.

User Info: Jas_Pata

4 years ago#15
Old battles at Tarren Mill and random encounters in Stranglethorn Vale, particularly around Nessingwarys location, always stick in my mind.
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User Info: sportsnut42000

4 years ago#16
I've had a few, but my most memorable experience is also the oldest. Back in vanilla, on a PvE server mind you, I was happily leveling my level 30-31 priest in Redridge (I was happy to help people with the elite orcs back in the day). Then the spam came... Lakeshire is under attack!!!!

Never seeing that before, I was like WTF???? I run back to town to find two full Horde raid groups fighting 2 Alliance raid groups. Not everyone was level 60, but most were, but I figure, what the heck, I can help by healing. 3 hours later, the Alliance had pushed them back to Duskwood, then to STV eventually. Come to find out later this had all started at Blackrock mountain, at the BRD stone on that chained island in the middle. The pvp fight was a 4-5 hour, 4 zone fight where I died many many times.

I never hit 60 in vanilla, as I played extremely casually and just found the game itself fun. Needless to say I never did pvp really at all, and that battle will always be a good memory. Lucky for me, I had gotten enough honorable kills during that battle to earn the "Private" title, which I am glad to still have on my priest (old school pvp titles :) ).

I doubt I'll ever see a battle like that again, but darn it if that wasn't by far the best pvp experience I've had, and one of the best overall times I had in my 8 years of playing.
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User Info: Jacket_Dac_00

4 years ago#17
Right before Wrath came out, when the zombie plague was going on, I was a dwarf hunter wandering through the Mage district in Stormwind, and a whole bunch of red zombie-dots popped up on my minimap, inside the Mage tower.
I went up into the tower and saw what looked like a raid group made up of zombies pouring into the portal in there, coming from Shattrath, I guess. There a big group of Alliance players fighting them.
The portal room's pretty small, so the zombie plague-clouds were covering the entire floor. I jumped onto a table to get out of the plague clouds, and shot into the mess.
The battle lasted a pretty long time, because the zombies kept coming through, and other players kept dying and joining the zombies, then dying again, coming back, and fighting them again.
I survived without even getting infected. That was a pretty good table.
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