Favorite Zone of all time in WoW?

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User Info: IdTheDemon

4 years ago#51
Grizzly hills
Classic Hillsbrad
Classic Azshara
Classic STV

User Info: Hexrapper

4 years ago#52
Howling Fjord

It's beautiful, has great music, and is the first zone I stumbled upon after deciding to deviate from my leveling path and go exploring.

User Info: OnionJack605

4 years ago#53
Loved Duskwood. The whole Sleepy Hollow vibe was just really cool...
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User Info: Spooking

4 years ago#54
Howling Fjord while Deepholm gets second. Some great zones right there.
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User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#55
Durotar where I first entered WoW with my orc hunter.

User Info: ljgf

4 years ago#56
Ghostlands and pre-Cataclysm Tirisfal Glades for nostalgia reasons.
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