The Elder Scrolls -Online-(MMO) is comming... and WOW will dies :)

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User Info: XtraT

4 years ago#11
has instanced dungeons
non persistent world
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User Info: TheGreatCheeze

4 years ago#12
I wish these topics would be insta-deleted
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User Info: femmefatale7

4 years ago#13
This game will be I survive
Meh. As difficult as it may be for you, you're just going to have to accept that you'll have to go without dick for awhile. - Steamster to Little Zardar

User Info: Dark Vaporeon

Dark Vaporeon
4 years ago#14
Remember Star Wars ?
Wow Does...

Remember Guild wars ?
Wow does...

Remember TESO ?
Wow will do.
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When yesterday is gone, and tomorrow never comes.

User Info: ljgf

4 years ago#15
No game will ever be a WoW killer, and TESO isn't even trying to be. This is a dumb topic and it's probably trolling anyway.

User Info: Sxmfct

4 years ago#16
As a huge TES fan I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to TES online one bit

Just another mediocre MMO using another big name in an attempt to make money
"Your not a gamer your a poser and a waste lol 5yr olds" - dreamtheater33

User Info: Lockie

4 years ago#17
EQ2 killed wow.
D&D Online killed wow.
AoC killed wow.
Star Wars killed wow.
FFXIV killed wow.
Vanguard killed wow.
Guild Wars killed wow.
Lord of the Rings killed wow.
Elder Scrolls Online killed wow.

Outlook not so good...

User Info: schmarkenheimer

4 years ago#18
Post of the ****ing year. - crimsyn_76 Best. Example. Ever. - Veliconis
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User Info: LanceFlugerman

4 years ago#19
What are the preorder numbers. Also, what is the return policy?
Damn, GameFAQs is dying.

User Info: LoneCourier2281

4 years ago#20
The only thing that can kill WOW is WOW itself.
Currently playing Magna Carta: Tears of Blood and Final Fantasy III
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  3. The Elder Scrolls -Online-(MMO) is comming... and WOW will dies :)

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